Live Dream Catcher – Game Review & Strategy

Dream Catcher Live

Live dealer games are some of the biggest, most popular games you’ll find at online casinos. They’re big hits because they combine the convenience of playing at home with the excitement you get from taking part in actual, real-life games. While most are based on classic casino games such as blackjack and roulette, some of them are entirely original creations. One of the most successful of these is Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming.

Our guide to this much-loved live dealer game will go over everything there is to know about. Have a read to find out some facts about the game, how it’s played and what the payouts are. Below we’ve listed a selection of top-rated online casinos where you can play Dream Catcher.

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The Basics of Dream Catcher

Dream CatcherDream Catcher was released in 2017 as the very first instalment in Evolution Gaming’s Game Show category. The games in this category are designed to be a lot more entertaining, immersive and enjoyable than the provider’s traditional casino games. Some of the Game Show games are casino classics but with new twists, while others are completely new games that borrow elements from gameshows or even board games.

Dream Catcher uses a large, custom-designed wheel that’s vertically mounted and is split into 54 segments of equal size. At the very top of the wheel is a pointer. For each round, once all bets have been placed the wheel is spun and the pointer indicates which segment is the winning one. Most of the segments display numbers that correspond to cash prizes, while some of them display multipliers.

What makes this live dealer game particularly appealing is that it’s very quick and easy to play. There’s nothing you have to do other than place your bet; you don’t have to make any decisions that affect the outcome or anything like that. Just decide what you’re going to bet on, place your bet then hope that you get a good outcome.

The game takes place in a specially purposed TV studio where the wheel takes centre stage. Several cameras are used to capture the action and the croupier who spins the wheel provides commentary, keeping players engaged and encouraged to play. The live stream is presented with detailed HD graphics. In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen is a display showing the previous 21 winning segments, while on the left is a list of winners from the current round.

Gameplay is very fast-paced. It takes roughly 45 seconds or so for each round to take place and when it comes to getting your bets placed, you don’t have long at all. Thankfully though, betting isn’t complicated and you should have no problems getting used to the game’s quick pace.

How To Play Dream Catcher

Before we go over how to play, we’ll run through the contents of the wheel. There are 54 segments in total and they come in eight different types. The table below summarises the game’s segments:

Number/Name Colour Frequency  Payout
1 Yellow 23 1/1
2 Blue 15 2/1
5 Purple 7 5/1
10 Green 4 10/1
20 Orange 2 20/1
40 Red 1 40/1
X2 Black 1
X7 Black 1

As you can see from the table, the yellow number 1 segment is the most common, though it has the lowest payout of 1/1. The bigger the number, the fewer the number of segments and the greater the payout. Of the segments that give payouts, the red number 40 is the rarest, appearing just once, but it does give the game’s biggest reward of a 40/1 payout.

So when it comes to playing Dream Catcher, first you have to place your bet. When you do this, you’re predicting which of the paying segments (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40) ends up being the winning segment for that round.

The betting area has the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 displayed on coloured bank notes with the gaming chips beneath them. The values of the gaming chips are 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 25, 100 and 500. To place a bet, select a chip and move it onto the number you want to bet on. You can bet on more than one number and you can use multiple chips per bet, though there is an upper limit of up to £5,000 per round. The bet options and limits may be different at some casinos.

Dream Catcher Betting

Once you’ve got your bet(s) placed and the time for betting has come to an end, the croupier spins the wheel. If the winning segment is one that’s covered by your bet, you’ll win and will get paid.

If the wheel lands on one of the two multiplier segments (X2 or X7), it’s spun again and all bets are held in place. Any winnings won in the next round are multiplied accordingly. If you bet on 10 and the wheel lands on X2 then 10, you’ll win and your payout will be doubled.

Should the wheel land on another multiplier before landing on a regular number segment, the multiplier will be multiplied. For example, let’s say you’re betting on 5 and the wheel lands on X7, then X2 and then 5. Your payout for winning with 5 will be multiplied by X14. Note that the game does have a maximum payout limit of £500,000 and this may be reached if consecutive multipliers are earned.

That’s everything there is to know about how to play Dream Catcher. The game couldn’t be any easier to play: just choose one or more winning segments, place your bet(s) and hope for the best!

Dream Catcher Strategy

There’s no skill involved when playing Dream Catcher – it’s all about luck. When you’re playing a game of chance, there are still some strategies you can use that may give you an advantage. Of course, no strategy can ever guarantee you a win, but they’re still worth trying.

When playing any kind of casino game with real money, it’s important to only spend what you can afford to lose and to not go over your budget. The odds are always against you, so to speak, so be sensible about your spending and don’t go chasing your losses.

With Dream Catcher, there are some general betting strategies that some players stick to. An obvious one is to focus your bets on the number 1 segment, as this is the most likely to win. The 1/1 payout for this isn’t that great, but a small return is better than no return.

It goes without saying that if you just stick with betting on number 1, you’re not going to stand a chance of earning bigger payouts. What some players do is they stick with the number 1 bet, but every so often they place wagers on some of the less common segments too. This may be a bit more costly, but it at least gives players a shot at winning one of the bigger prizes.

According to the game’s official instructions, the RTP ranges between 90.57% and 96.58%. The RTP has a range and not a set figure because each of the numbers you can win with has its own RTP. What players have found is that of the six number segments, it’s actually the number 10 segment that has the highest RTP at 96.58% and not the number 1 segment. Even though you’re more likely to win with 1, the higher 10/1 payout you get for winning with 10 makes this the better number to bet on over long-term play.

The segment with the worst RTP is the number 40 segment (90.57%). Despite the number’s high payout of 40/1, the fact that it only appears once on the 54-segment wheel means that overall, it’s not really worth backing. Having said that, there’s still a chance you could back it and get lucky.

According to Evolution Gaming, the addition of the two multiplier segments brings the game’s optimal RTP up to 96.58%. This figure is in line with many online slot games and is a very good RTP for a casino game of any kind to have.

As for how much money you should be spending, you shouldn’t overdo it. The game does have quite wide betting limits, but don’t automatically place bigger bets thinking you’ll get bigger payouts because this is never guaranteed to happen. If you have the money and want to place bets of a larger value, you should split your bet and wager some money on the number 1 segment and the rest on another segment; by doing this, you’re giving yourself a bit of a safety net.

If you have a large budget, the best way to make it last is to place small bets. You might not get huge payouts, but you could get lots of smaller wins that could still earn you a profit; by doing this, you’re getting more rounds of play out of your money.

Dream Catcher Live

Similar Games By Evolution Gaming

Since the release of Dream Catcher, Evolution Gaming has created a few similar games. There’s Monopoly Live, which takes Dream Catcher’s core gameplay and adds a brand new feature: a thrilling 3D bonus round based on the Monopoly board game itself.

Another live money wheel game by Evolution Gaming is Crazy Time. This works in the same way as Dream Catcher, though it has special segments on the wheel that can trigger one of four bonus rounds, not to mention a slot that can give out multipliers. Compared with Monopoly Live and Crazy Time, Dream Catcher may seem quite basic and simplified. Even though Dream Catcher doesn’t have any bonus rounds, it’s still very much worth playing.

Verdict: Live Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is an exciting live dealer game that’s simple yet compelling. Simply pick a numbered segment and if that segment wins once the wheel’s stopped spinning, you get paid. If you’re lucky enough, the wheel may land on a multiplier that can boost your winnings and give you bigger payouts.

We recommend giving Dream Catcher a go if you’re looking for a live game that’s fast-paced, offers some decent payouts and is easy to play. There are plenty of highly rated casinos where this game can be played. Before you place your bets, have a think about how much you’re going to bet and which of the six numbers you’re going to back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dream Catcher mobile friendly?

  •    Like most other live dealer games, Dream Catcher is designed to be playable on many different mobile devices. It’s compatible with a wide range of smartphones and tablets, and offers just as smooth and reliable a gaming experience on handheld devices as it does on computers.

What are the chances of getting a multiplier?

  •    Since there are 54 segments and two of these are multipliers, the chances of the winning segment being a multiplier are 2/54 or 1/26. The chances of getting two consecutive multipliers are 1/676 – very unlikely, but not impossible.

Is there a bonus round?

  •    Dream Catcher doesn’t have bonus rounds of any kind. The games Monopoly Live and Crazy Time, which are both similar to Dream Catcher, do have bonus rounds.

Is Dream Catcher entirely based on luck?

  •    Yes, it’s luck and luck alone that determines what segment ends up winning. The only thing you do when you play is place a bet; there’s nothing you can do to influence a round’s outcome.

What’s the best segment to bet on?

  •    The safest segment to bet on is the number 1 since this is the most common one on the wheel. For the best returns over long-term play, the number 10 segment is the one to go for.

Do many online casinos offer Dream Catcher?

  •    You should find Dream Catcher available at a large number of casinos. Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games are very popular and can be found at many casino sites. Pretty much every site that has games by Evolution Gaming should have Dream Catcher listed.