No Deposit Bonuses


We have conducted thorough research and we’ve created a list of casinos that are offering no deposit bonuses. All you have to do to use this bonus is to become a registered member of one of these online casinos. At Online Casino Reviewz, you will find an up-to-date list of the best no deposit bonus offers from completely safe, reliable, well-established and user-friendly online casinos.

You can read detailed reviews about all these no deposit bonus offers or get these bonuses right away. Remember to check their T & Cs before becoming a member of any casino site and use the codes (if needed) to unlock these bonuses.

No Deposit Online Casinos

888 Casino
Compatible with:
Graphics - 99%
Gameplay - 99%
Bonuses - 100%
Value - 99%
Casino Ranking - 99%
32Red Casino Logo
Compatible with:
Graphics - 99%
Gameplay - 93%
Bonuses - 99%
Value - 95%
Casino Ranking - 96%
Roxy Palace Logo
Compatible with:
Graphics - 95%
Gameplay - 93%
Bonuses - 96%
Value - 95%
Casino Ranking - 94%
  • £5 No Deposit Bonus
  • Playable on Shamrock N Roll, Mayan Marvels & Candy Swap
Monster Casino Logo
Compatible with:
Graphics - 95%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 94%
Value - 94%
Casino Ranking - 94%
bcasino logo
Compatible with:
Graphics - 91%
Gameplay - 91%
Bonuses - 95%
Value - 89%
Casino Ranking - 91%
Cosmic Spins Logo
Compatible with:
Graphics - 90%
Gameplay - 90%
Bonuses - 90%
Value - 90%
Casino Ranking - 90%
Energy Casino Logo
Compatible with:
Graphics - 90%
Gameplay - 90%
Bonuses - 90%
Value - 90%
Casino Ranking - 90%

An introduction to No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Back in the days, almost all online casinos had no deposit bonuses, but things have changed. Unfortunately, many people were not genuinely interested in playing casino games, they were just looking for free money. Yet, if you conduct research or use a page like this one, you can still find these offers.

In case you’ve decided to use another website to find info or you are using popular search engines, remember that no deposit casino bonuses that are worth more than 100 GBP are usually fake. If there’s an online casino with an offer like this, you should expect some sort of a scam or a bonus offer with terms that are impossible to meet.

At our website, we are providing information about no deposit bonuses provided by well-established online casinos.

The mechanics of no deposit casino bonuses

Let’s be honest – if you are like most people then you would not miss an opportunity to gamble and get money for free, right? But, don’t forget that no deposit bonuses cost casinos money and that’s why they are not giving them so easily and some of these casino sites don’t have them at all. One of the first things that you will notice about no deposit casino bonuses is that the amount of money you can expect is significantly lower compared to standard deposit bonuses.

There are situations when no deposit bonuses come in the form of free spins, not free money. For example, you can expect to get 20 free spins worth 10 GBP instead of 10 GBP on your account. In this way, online casinos will know where their free offer will be used and they can pay less to the game suppliers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

No deposit casinos bonuses are a good option for online casinos because they allow players to get familiar with the casino’s offer and check different games without worrying about their bankroll. These casino sites know that it’s easier for players to place deposits and continue their exploration when they had a chance to play for free (and win real money) before. Compared to classic deposit match bonuses which come with strict wagering requirements, these no deposit bonuses are much more attractive.

What’s great is that as a player, you will get an opportunity to withdraw the money you’ve earned in this way. That’s why there are so many casino players looking for no deposit bonuses. While we are talking about no deposit/free cash bonuses, it’s good to mention that the majority of online casinos have wagering requirements, it’s also true that there are certain terms and conditions involved. For instance, in some cases, you will have to use your free money or free spins in a short period of time – a couple of hours or a day upon registration.

What types of No Deposit Casino Bonuses are there?

Players can expect to find a few different types of no deposit casino bonuses out there. Yet, most experts agree that they can be classified into two categories. By learning more about these specific types of no deposit casino bonuses, you will have a chance to make a better decision before you decide which casino you should use.

1. Regular No Deposit Bonuses

We must point out that this is by far the most popular casino bonus, at least when it comes to free money offers. Typically, players can expect to get an offer like this when they are joining a new casino site. These regular no deposit bonuses are designed to attract new players. Basically, online casinos are using these bonuses as an effective way to promote their casinos. But, the truth is that players can win real money without putting their own money at risk and without spending much time playing games.

A regular no deposit bonus has pre-determined wagering requirements that you must meet if you want to withdraw your winnings at the end. The good thing is that these wagering requirements are usually the same as the ones used in other casino bonuses. For example, if you find an online casino which provides a 25 GBP regular no deposit bonus, you will have to wager the bonus between 20 and 40 times before you become eligible to get paid. Keep in mind that the withdrawal requests that come as a result of this bonus can be limited. For instance, in case you’ve got a 25 GBP regular no deposit bonus, then there’s a chance that you might not be able to withdraw over 250 GBP.

Free Play No Deposit Bonuses

Free play no deposit bonuses are not completely different than regular no deposit bonuses. Yet, you should be prepared for extra requirements that you should meet before you request payment. For example, in many situations, players have to use these bonuses in a very short period of time – an hour or a couple of hours. In addition, they are usually offered to existing players, unlike regular no deposit bonuses which are designed primarily for new users.

Why use no deposit bonuses?

People can be very skeptical when it comes to no deposit bonuses. They are a little bit suspicious because they don’t believe that an online casino would give something to their players for free. If you analyze these offers, you will realize that people are right, but there are some exceptions though. There are online casinos that really want to provide no deposit bonus offers with no strings attached. For example, there are situations when online casinos have a reason for celebration (getting their 10.000th registered member, getting their 100.000th bet, celebrating their 5th year of existence, etc.) and they want to mark these milestones by offering no deposit bonuses in the form of free cash, cash back offers or free spins. This is a nice way to attract new players and keep the existing players loyal to the brand.

Pros of No Deposit Bonuses

If you conduct research, you will notice that there is a high number of online casinos that provide no deposit bonuses related to specific slot games. As expected, in most cases you will find free spins offers. So, players will get 10, 20, 50 or even more free spins or a symbolic amount of free money. Now let’s see the benefits of using no deposit casino bonuses.

You’ll boost your winnings

If you use a no deposit casino bonus you will boost winning odds. This makes sense because if you have more money or you get spins for free, you will play more and this will increase your chances of winning. What’s great is that you can hit some of the main prizes (even a jackpot) while using this offer. Worst case scenario – your account won’t have any funds, but you won’t spend money either.

Free money

Most people, regardless of their financial situation, love freebies. So, it’s no surprise why most players love no deposit bonus offers. With their help, you can get free money that you can use to play online slots or other games. Once you become a registered member, you will get the promised amount of money on your account.

Checking new games

One of the things that people love about online casinos is that their selections of casino games are growing all the time. Yet, people can be a little bit skeptical when it comes to investing money in something they are not familiar with. No deposit bonuses allow people to try new games without using their own money.

Exploring a casino site

With the help of no deposit bonuses, players can explore casino sites. They can check all the games and all the options that registered players that have placed deposits can use. This is a method that helps you get familiar with the casino’s offer without risking money.

A chance to practice for free

There are many different casino games out there. Some of them are simple while others can be quite complex. In any case, you have to spend some time playing them in order to master these games. This is what you can get from no deposit bonuses.

A few more advantages

The following is a list of advantages that are related to no deposit bonuses used on online slot games:

  • You can use these bonuses and enjoy free spins for a limited period of time (usually an hour or two)
  • Play with money that is not yours. You are basically playing with casino money if you are using this type of bonus
  • You can use online slot games for free and keep the money you’ve earned

As you can see, using no deposit bonus offers is one of the best things that casino players can do. Of course, in order to stay on the safe side and to get the most from these special bonus offers, you have to use reliable online casinos. That’s why we have created this list which provides detailed information about how and where to use these no deposit bonuses and what you can expect from them.

Potential disadvantages

There are basically two potential disadvantages related to these bonuses. For starters, most of them come with wagering requirements. If these wagering requirements are worth over 50 times than the amount you’ve got as a no deposit bonus, then you should be careful because these bonuses have low value. The other potential disadvantage is the fact that online casinos usually “force” you to play specific games. You can’t spend this bonus on all the games you like. That’s why it’s a good idea to do research before joining a website with an offer like this.

How to find No Deposit Casino Bonuses?

We have already mentioned that no deposit casino bonuses were quite common in online casinos in the 1990s and at the beginning of the 21st century. However, things have changed when many players started abusing these bonuses and most casinos have focused on deposit bonuses.

Yet, there are still a decent number of online casinos that have no deposit casino bonuses in their offers. Due to the fact that not all of these bonuses are the same, you have to be careful and find the best ones in order to maximize the benefits.

There are many players who are using popular search engines to look for this type of offers. In this way, you can find hundreds of results. This means that you have to spend hours doing research and analyzing these offers before you can get a clearer picture of the things you can expect from them.

If you are like most people then you probably don’t have time to waste. Our website and this page, in particular, will help you save time and money by providing a list to the best no deposit casino bonus offers you can find at the moment. This list was created by a team of experts which has analyzed all elements of these bonuses. They have also included instructions about how to use them in a simple way. On top of that, we are updating this list on a regular basis. Check this list on a regular basis if you want to stay well-informed regarding no deposit bonuses.