Monopoly Live Playing Strategy – Game Review & Strategies

Monopoly Live

Live dealer games are big successes at online casinos. Why? Because they give you the chance to take part in real-life games from the comfort of your own home. Most of them are based on pre-existing casino classics such as blackjack and roulette, though some are original creations. One such example is Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming, which is based on the hugely popular board game Monopoly. It combines the thrills of live gambling with the fun and entertainment that you get from playing the much-loved board game.

In this guide, we’ll run you through the basics of how to play Monopoly Live and what the game’s features are. If you like what you read and want to give the game a shot, you’ll find it available at many online casinos with games by Evolution Gaming – some of our favourites are listed below.

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The Basics of Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming

Monopoly Live is a live dealer game that was created by Evolution Gaming in partnership with Hasbro. It’s a unique game that uses the money wheel format and adds elements from the Monopoly board game to it.

Like other money wheel games, Monopoly Live works in a straightforward way. There’s a large wheel that’s vertically mounted and is split into segments with several different numbers on them. A gold arrow right at the top indicates which segment is the winning one. If you bet on a number and the winning segment’s number matches, you win and get paid.

With Monopoly Live, as well as winning cash prizes from correctly predicting what segment the wheel will land on, you get to play a bonus game inspired by the board game itself. This is where things get interesting and a lot more exciting. To get the most from this game, following some sort of strategy will help.

The game was released in April 2019 and has gone on to receive some major awards. These include the EGR’s Game of the Year 2019 and the Gaming Intelligence’s Game of the Year 2020 awards. It’s earned a very good reputation so far thanks to its design, gameplay and features.

How To Play Monopoly Live

Before you learn the best strategy for this game, you will have to learn the basics. First thing’s first, you have to place your bet. The minimum bet size you can place is 0.10 and the maximum varies depending on the casino you’re at. When placing a bet, you’re predicting which number you think the wheel will end up stopping at.

Let’s have a look at the Monopoly Live wheel. It’s split into a total of 54 segments and these are as follows:

  • Number 1 (lilac) – 22 segments
  • Number 2 (green) – 15 segments
  • Number 5 (red) – 7 segments
  • Number 10 (blue) – 4 segments
  • Chance – 2 segments
  • 2 Rolls – 3 segments
  • 4 Rolls – 1 segment

The numbers you can choose from are therefore 1, 2, 5 and 10. If you win, you receive a payout that matches the number you’ve won with. So, if you place a bet on the number 2 and a number 2 segments wins, you’re paid 2:1. The bigger the number, the fewer the number of segments on the wheel, giving you less of a chance of earning bigger payouts.

As well as betting on the four numbers, you can also bet on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. If you bet on either of these and the wheel stops on either one, you’ll get to take part in the Monopoly Live bonus round (more information on this below).

What’s particularly great about this game is just how much Monopoly theming there is. You’ll see elements from the board game just about everywhere. When you place a bet, for example, the bet options are all presented as Monopoly bank notes that you’ll no doubt recognise if you’ve played before. To place a bet, simply select a chip and drop it onto the bank note you wish to cover in your bet. You’re allowed to use multiple chips per note and can bet on as many different notes as you wish.

Betting Amounts

So what about the two Chance segments? You can’t bet on these, but if the wheel lands on one, you will be rewarded with a Chance card that reveals a cash prize or a multiplier. If it’s cash, you get paid. If it’s a multiplier, the wheel is spun again and the multiplier you’ve just earned is applied to any winnings.

It’s possible for the wheel to land on Chance and give out multipliers on two or more consecutive spins. Should this happen, the values of the multipliers are multiplied together, so if you end up winning with one, you could be in for quite a large payout.

The Monopoly Live Bonus Round

Monopoly Live Bonus Round

Whenever the wheel lands on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls, all players who have placed bets on either of these segments get to take part in the bonus round. Those who haven’t get to watch, but can’t win anything. The bonus round is set in an augmented reality world that’s presented with slick 3D graphics.

This is where the excitement gets taken up a notch. The game moves away from the TV studio where it’s filmed and you’re immersed in a 3D Monopoly board game that’s presented with crisp, high-definition graphics and looks incredibly realistic. The centre of the board is a funfair in a park, while lining the edges of the board are numerous skyscrapers and other tall city buildings. There’s a huge amount of attention to detail and the board game is brought to life in a brilliant way.

If the bonus round was triggered from a 2 Rolls segment, it will be played with two initial rolls of the dice. Likewise if the 4 Rolls segment activated it, it will start with four dice rolls. Should the dealer roll a double, he or she will get to roll the dice once more, giving you more opportunities to win.

The bonus round works in a very similar way to a typical Monopoly game. None of the classic tokens are used, so there’s no top hat, race car, thimble or battleship. Instead, Mr Monopoly himself acts as the token and moves around the board.

The dealer in who oversees the game rolls the dice and Mr Monopoly moves accordingly. As he moves around the board, he’ll land on various properties and earn you prizes. These prizes are multipliers that are added up and applied to your bet. So, for example, if the game starts with two rolls and Mr Monopoly lands on 3x and 4x segments, that’s 7x your bet you’ve won.

All properties (hotels, railways etc.) start with multipliers ranging from 1x to 100x and, as in the actual board game, the properties further along the board are more valuable. Houses and hotels can increase the size of multipliers and the maximum value each one can reach is a huge 500x.

Of course, this is Monopoly so the board doesn’t just have properties. All the familiar spaces from the board appear on this one. Below is a summary of what happens when you land on each one:

  • Go: If Mr Monopoly manages to do a full lap of the board and makes it to the Go square, all of the multipliers on the board will be doubled, which gives your potential wins a very welcome boost.
  • Income Tax: Should Mr Monopoly land on this square, you’ll lose 10% of your winnings from the bonus round.
  • Super Income Tax: This square works in the same way as the Income Tax one, except that it’s 20% of your bonus round winnings you lose.
  • Chance: You either receive a cash prize or some money is deducted from your bonus round winnings.
  • Community Chest: The Community Chest square has the same effect as the Chance one, so you’ll either earn some extra money or lose a bit.
  • Go To Jail: The dreaded Jail makes an unwelcome appearance in Monopoly Live. Should Mr Monopoly land on Go To Jail, he’ll end up in jail and a double will have to be rolled for him to get out.

That’s all there is to the bonus round. It’s an engaging and exciting game in itself that can give you some decent returns on your bet, so it’s definitely not to be overlooked.

Monopoly Live Game Strategy

Monopoly Live is a game of chance. After all, it’s luck that determines whether you win or lose and all you can do is pick a number and hope for the best. Even the bonus round is completely luck-based, involving no player input at all.

It goes without saying that the bonus round is the game’s highlight. Since it offers the potential for seriously big payouts in Monopoly Live, it can be worth your while if you bet on it. To get to take part in it, you have to bet on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls. There are 54 segments together, of which three are 2 Rolls and just one is 4 Rolls. Therefore, every time the wheel is spun, there’s a 4/54 chance (or 1/13.5) of the bonus round being triggered.

Of the two Rolls segments, the 4 Rolls one is obviously more likely to bring in bigger wins since it allows for more initial rolls of the dice. This particular outcome has just a 1/54 chance of activating. The other bonus round segment, which starts it off with two rolls, has a 3/54 chance, so is three times more likely to be played.

So should you bet on the bonus round even though it’s quite uncommon? To answer that question, we’ll have to look at the game’s RTP. The RTP varies depending on what number you’re betting on. The numbers and their theoretical RTPs are as follows:

  • 1: 92:88%
  • 2: 96.23%
  • 5: 91.30%
  • 10: 96.02%

As you can see, the best number to back is number 2. Even though the number 1 is more likely to win (since there are more number 1 segments), the 2:1 payout you get from winning with a number 2 segment makes up for this.

For the two Rolls options, the RTPs for these are listed below:

  • 2 Rolls: 93.90%
  • 4 Rolls: 93.67%

Even though the bonus round isn’t that likely to trigger, the RTPs for the two Rolls bets aren’t as low as you might think they would be. This is because of the fact that the bonus round has the potential to give out large payouts.

Monopoly Live Wheel and Strategy

You may want to bet on a single number at a time. On the other hand, you may want to change your strategy and spread your bet across more than one number and include one of the Rolls bets. A Monopoly Live strategy some would recommend would be to bet on numbers 2 and 10, plus a Roll bet. By doing this, you’re covering the two most likely numbers to win, plus you’re giving yourself a shot at the bonus round, should it trigger. Of course, no approach is guaranteed to win, so always bear that in mind when you play.

To sum up, for the best chance of making money when playing Monopoly Live, you should stick with betting on the number 2. Placing a bet on one of the Rolls segments isn’t as worthwhile in the long run, but if you don’t bother with these bets, you won’t get to play the bonus round. If you’re really keen to play the bonus round, by all means place a Rolls bet, but remember that the number 2 bet is better overall.

Similar Games By Evolution Gaming

If you like the sound of Monopoly Live, there are some other games by Evolution Gaming that are similar. There’s Dream Catcher, which is a much simpler live money wheel game where the wheel just has numbered segments and multipliers. Most of the segments are numbered (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40) and two of them have multipliers (x2 and x7). If the wheel lands on a multiplier, it’s respun and the multiplier is applied to any wins on the new spin.

There’s also Crazy Time, a newer, more advanced live money wheel game that was released in 2020. It’s similar to Dream Catcher, except that it has no fewer than four bonus rounds (Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and Crazy Time) and has a small slot at the top of the wheel that can award multipliers.

Conclusion: Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live Game LogoMonopoly Live is a brilliant online casino game that takes the exhilaration of live dealer games and throws in elements from the well known board game Monopoly. Load the game, utilize a strategy and bet on a numbered segment and watch as the wheel’s spun. You’re paid if your chosen number wins and, if you backed one of the Rolls segments, you’ll get to take part in the bonus round, where large sums of money can be won.

There’s a lot to like about this game, from its compelling gameplay and innovative bonus round, to its payout rates and its high-quality streaming quality. Find Monopoly Live at one of the many online casinos with Evolution Gaming games and you’re sure to have a great time playing. Immerse yourself in a beautifully rendered Monopoly world and bag yourself some money to impress Mr Monopoly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chances of getting a Chance bonus?

  • Since there are 54 segments and only two of these are Chance segments, the probability of the wheel landing on Chance is 2/54 or 1/27.

What’s the game’s top payout?

  • The maximum amount of money a player can win from a single bet when playing Monopoly Live is capped at €500,000 (or currency equivalent). So far in the game’s history, the biggest payout has been €444,719.

Can Monopoly Live be played on mobiles and does it run well?

  • Yes, the game is optimised for mobile devices and yes, it has a high performance standard. So long as you have a compatible smartphone with a steady internet connection, you’ll be able to play this live dealer game while you’re out and about without any problems.

Are there any player decisions that can influence the game’s outcome?

  • No, the only things you get to decide are what your bet covers and how big your bet is. Both the wheel and the bonus round are completely based on luck, so if you’re going to win you have to have some luck on your side. Following a low volatility strategy and sticking to it is recommended, or you might not get far in this game.

What numbered segment is most likely to win?

  • The number 1 segment is the most likely to win. Since there are 22 instances of it on the 54-segment wheel, the chances of the number 1 segment winning are 22/54, which works out at just over 40%. Of course, it has the lowest payouts and the numbers that are less likely to come up have the higher payouts.

How is Monopoly Live different from Dream Catcher?

  • Both of these are live money wheel games, though they have different payouts. Dream Catcher has multiplier segments, while Monopoly has Chance segments that can give prizes or multipliers, as well as Rolls segments that lead to a special Monopoly-themed bonus round if they win.

Is Monopoly Live suitable for budget players?

  • Since the minimum bet size is quite low at 0.10, the game is suitable for those who want to spend less money.

Find videos of some fantastic big wins on Monopoly Live on our Facebook page here – if you have any huge wins you would like to share, then please send us a video or screenshot and we will add them to the page.