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Evolution Gaming’s pivot from traditional casino games to game show-like live casino games has been one of the most interesting developments in the online casino industry over the past few years. Evolution’s Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, etc, are all extremely high quality and can be found at all the world’s top online casinos.

Evolution’s first new-style release was Monopoly Live, which introduced the world to Live Casino Game Shows, and was an immediate smash hit. Just a month later, the company dropped Deal or no Deal Live. Since then, Evolution’s game show live casino games have gone from strength to strength, even adding support for virtual reality headsets and other state-of-the-art technologies.

Virtual Reality hasn’t taken off in a big way yet, and there aren’t a huge number of gamblers who have the hardware required to enjoy these experiences – yet. I do not believe that online gambling is the killer app that Virtual Reality needs, but it certainly has the potential to help grow the virtual reality market. In this Crazy Time guide, we’ll run you through the basics of how to play Crazy Time and what the game’s features and bonuses are. If you like what you read and want to give the game a play, you’ll find it at our recommended casinos below.

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The Release of Crazy Time Live Game Show

Crazy Time LiveThe Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show was released in mid-2020 – perfect timing for a new game, given that so many people were working from home and/or had lots of extra spare time on their hands. After the unbelievable success of previous Evolution live game shows such as Monopoly Live, Mega Ball, and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, the hype surrounding this game prior to release more or less guaranteed that Evolution would have another big hit on their hands – as long as the game wasn’t terrible, of course! Players were eagerly awaiting the release, salivating at the prospect of a new Evolution live casino game show… and thankfully, Crazy Time did not disappoint!

If you want to give the game a try, you will have no trouble finding it – Evolution Gaming has now become the world leader in live casino games. I checked several S-tier online casinos and every one of them had a live casino area filled with Evolution’s games. A fun feature of live casino games is that you can open any table you like and watch the action before sitting down to play a few games yourself. You can talk with the other players if you wish, or even the host – I watched several Evolution games whilst studying for this review and it was always fun to see the host trying their best to respond to all the comments left by players. Unsurprisingly, it is the pretty girls who receive the most attention – be aware, sexual comments are forbidden and if you go too far you could end up being banned from the casino altogether. Think before you write!

How to Play Crazy Time Live Game Show

For those who are familiar with Evolution Gaming and their game show titles, Crazy Time may cause pangs of déjà vu to cross your mind. Don’t worry, however – we are not in the matrix! Evolution created a similar game a while back called Dream Catcher, or possibly Dream Catcher Money Wheel – Even Evolution’s own website can’t seem to decide what the official name of Dream Catcher really is!

Just like in Dream Catcher, gameplay revolves around a large wheel which has 54 segments filled with prizes, modifiers, and even a bonus game. To me, Crazy Time feels like Dream Catcher done right – Dream Catcher just lacked enough action for many players, an issue that Evolution has unquestionably fixed with this release. This big wheel is split into 54 sections this time and includes many smaller prizes of between 1x and 10x your stake and sections that reward you with one of five different bonus rounds. It’s very much like Wheel of Fortune – there are fewer big prizes than small ones, and even fewer bonus symbols. The exact structure of the wheel is as follows:

  • 21 Segments (38.9%) Have Number 1 – Your stake will be returned to you.
  • 13 Segments (24.1%) Have Number 2 – You receive double your stake.
  • 7 Segments (13%) Have Number 5 – You win five times your original stake.
  • 4 Segments (7.4%) Have Number 10 – Pays 10x your stake.
  • 4 Segments (7.4%) Trigger the Coin Flip Bonus
  • 2 Segments (3.7%) Trigger the Cash Hunt Bonus
  • 2 Segments (3.7%) Trigger the Pachinko Bonus
  • 1 Segment (1.9%) Starts the Crazy Time Bonus Mode

There are several ways to interpret this information – 76% of the wheel is covered by segments that only pay between 1x and 5x your stake. This sounds bad, but the thing with statistics is that you can always switch things around if you want to! There are nine segments which trigger a bonus round – that works out at 16.7%, which is much, much higher than any online slot that I can think of. Technically, you should see a bonus round every six spins. Remember, however, this number only applies to a long session of many, many spins. If you have a super dry period where you don’t hit a bonus for 20-30 spins, things will eventually even out over the long term.

Crazy Time Betting

Just be sure not to fall for the gamblers fallacy – previous results have no bearing on future spins. The wheel has no memory. Just because you had a terrible session on Friday does not mean you will have a fantastic, big winning Saturday because the game “owes” you from yesterday. This fallacy is often experienced by roulette players, who will often bet on colours based on previous results. In truth, it doesn’t matter whether they bet on red or black – the odds are still the same that the next ball will be black or red irrespective of previous results. A famous case in Monte Carlo during the 19th century saw many gamblers lose millions of francs betting on black in roulette because the ball had hit red more than 35 times in a row. This is a freak event – it is so unlikely that it is quite impressive that it happened during relatively modern history. It could be centuries, or perhaps even millennia, before the next 38 reds or blacks in a row event.

Let’s take a moment to check out the vital statistics of the Crazy Time Live Game Show – the officially stated RTP is 95.5%, which is a whole lot better than the “big wheel;” games you see near the entrances to Las Vegas casinos. The maximum you can win in a single game is 25,000x your stake. The game received an update on the 30th of January 2022, which improved compatibility when playing on a smaller screen such as those found on modern smartphones or tablets.

Bonus Rounds

If you want to have a chance at playing one of the various bonus rounds, you will need to place a bet on that section before the presenter spins the wheel. You only get a few seconds between spins to place your bets, so you do need to be quick – they don’t mess around in this game! We’ll break down the features of each bonus round for you now, which should hopefully assist you when deciding which features you want to risk a few chips on:

Coin Flip Bonus Round

Coin FlipAs a live casino game, you’ll be pleased to hear that the coin flip bonus round relies on real coins – not digital representations of random number generators. The coin is flipped inside a machine though – I can understand why Evolution felt that this was the best way to go for this feature. Players don’t want to be waiting if the dealer drops the coin on the floor or he catches it in a way which may not show clearly on the streaming video. The machine avoids all these issues.

The coin has a red side and a blue side, and a random multiplier is applied to each colour before the bonus game begins. The minimum multiplier in this feature is 2x, whilst the maximum is 100x. You may have noticed the two slot like reels above the main wheel whilst playing Crazy Time by now. This wheel doesn’t come into play during the base game, but in the features such as this, any multipliers shown on those reels will be applied to your win in addition to the coin flip winnings.

The Coin Flip is the worst of the four bonus rounds, but these features can combine and award a prize of 5,000x your stake. A win of 5,000x is more than a little decent in most players eyes I would imagine – what else can this game offer that is even better? Read on!

Cash Hunt Bonus Round

Cash HuntWhen you hit the cash hunt segment, you will be whisked away to a new screen which has 108 random multipliers hidden behind several new symbols – a cactus, a present, a training target, sheriff’s badge, a rabbit, and a jester’s hat. You can either select a symbol yourself or let the game do it for you. This bonus provides one of the most interesting elements of Crazy Time because every player will choose a different symbol before the multipliers are uncovered.

Most of the hidden multipliers appear to be 10x or 25x, though I did see a few 50x sections and one single 100x section. Just like in the coin flip bonus round, these multipliers can be combined with those shown on the slot/multiplier wheel. This is where you can end up with the game’s maximum multiplier of 25,000x your stake. Winnings are capped at half a million euros, and a little back of the napkin math reveals that you will lose money if you bet more than €20.00 per spin. It’s unlikely many players will be spinning at this kind of level, but if you are, stick to €20.00 or less – the last thing you want is to hit a jackpot and have a huge chunk of it removed from your balance because of the games €500,000 maximum win cap.

Pachinko Bonus Round

PachinkoPachinko is a mixture of arcade gaming and gambling which is extremely popular throughout Japan. The game has begun spreading to some parts of eastern and southern Asia, but so far, the game has failed to catch on in the West. Then again, that may be an unfair statement – I have never seen a Pachinko Parlour in the United Kingdom. Perhaps if somebody opened one, and people were willing to give it a try, who knows whether the game would turn out to be popular here?

Just like the coin flip feature, the live casino structure of the game is used maximum effect in the Pachinko bonus round – the board is hiding behind the regular wheel but is so tall that the presenter needs to climb a set of stairs to drop a puck into the machine. There are 16 boxes at the bottom of the machine which initially have relatively small multipliers attached to them. The golden boxes act as doublers, and all the multipliers will be doubled before you are given a second chance at the game. It is possible to keep hitting double symbols indefinitely, and you collect a win each time the puck goes through the machine.

The maximum win in this feature is 10,000x your bet – that’s a pretty chunky win in anybody’s book!

Crazy Time Bonus Round

Finally, the single Crazy Time segment on the wheel hides the games craziest feature of all. Place a bet on Crazy Time, get lucky and hit the segment, and you will be whisked away through a red door into a place with an even bigger money wheel that is designed to look like a huge Ferris Wheel – think of the London Eye and you will get the idea of the scale of this new wheel.

The wheel is adorned with flappers in various colours, as well as double and triple flappers. Before the wheel spins, you will be asked to select from blue, green, or yellow flappers. Whatever prizes the flappers in your chosen colour are pointing to determines what you will win from your spin of the Crazy Time wheel.

Hit the double or triple options, and all prizes will be increased by either 2x or 3x accordingly. The maximum win from this bonus round is 20,000x your stake. That is simply enormous – Imagine betting just one euro and hitting a win of twenty thousand euros … it’s the kind of hit we all dream of.

Crazy Time Live Game Show Strategies

Whilst there are no strategies that can be ever beat a negative expectation game over the long term, there are several systems you can use which will guarantee that most of your casino sessions end the way you would like them to. I should add, that doesn’t mean that we have any tips that will guarantee you a million euro winning session, we are simply saying that it is possible to use bankroll management and wager sizing to alter the number of large and small wins you receive, and potentially even the frequency of those wins.


  • Probabilitilistic Results-Based Strategy

Fancy a contest of man vs machine? Then perhaps this strategy will suit your style of play. You’ll need to be strong at math, and be willing to take the time to record the results of each round to take advantage of a probabilistic strategy. A tablet is perfect for all these tasks – especially if you have one with a stylus such as Samsung’s S-Pen or the Apple Pencil.

You need around sixty results before you can start making calculations – if you want to speed up the procedure, the games history record can be used to view a large number of previous results quickly. You already know that some segments are more likely to land than others, and, if you have read this review fully, you also know that there is a one in six probability of any bonus round being triggered.

By combining all of this data, you can make predictions as to what might happen next. If no bonus rounds have been triggered for more than six spins, bet on all of them! The coin flip bonus has a 7.4% chance of landing – That is a 1 in 13.5 shot – if there hasn’t been a coin flip for more than 14 rounds, bet on the coin flip. The Cash Hunt and Pachinko Bonuses have half the probability of the coin flip, Count up carefully – if you have not seen Cash Hunt for more than 27 spins in a row, it is time to start betting on those segments. Likewise, if the Pachinko bonus has been absent for over 27 consecutive spins, you should bet on that.

This strategy does not guarantee that you will hit these bonuses, but the suggestions made are all based on math. You can’t argue with math and science, so this strategy will suit those who like to use the technical specifications of the machine to aid in their quest for big wins.


  • The Martingale System

The oldest betting system on the block is the Martingale System – you’ll probably have seen or heard of it before. In short, you choose which event will cause you to double your wager – either wins or losses. This system is often used on roulette, where the red/black, odd/even, and high/low boxes offer an almost 50/50 shot at a win. It’s easy to transfer this logic over to Crazy Time, and the one in six chance of hitting a bonus round means that this system is potentially better suited to this game than roulette!

Start by placing a bet on all four of the bonus rounds – keep it at one euro per bonus (or €0.50c if permitted) and play your first spin. If you do not hit a bonus round on this spin, double the size of all four of your bets to two euros. If you fail to hit the bonus round a second time, double the size of your bets again to four euros per bonus.

With odds of one in six to hit a bonus round, we can calculate that you will require €4, €8, €16, €32, €64, and €128 to place the six expected bets required to hit a bonus round. This sums up at 252 euros, but unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. If you still don’t hit your bonus round on spin six, you’ll need €256 to place your next bet. You are now up to a total of €508, and if you still haven’t hit a bonus round, your next bet of €512 is going to exceed the total of every bet you have placed so far.

This is why we suggested starting at bets of €0.50 if possible. No bonus can come out for ten, fifteen, or even twenty spins on occasion, by which point you will definitely be broke.

Assuming this does not happen, however, and you do manage to hit bonus rounds at the expected frequency, you should reset the size of your bet back to the initial amount and treat your bonus winnings as being completely separate from the rest of your bankroll. Personally, I would even suggest withdrawing your bonus winnings immediately as long as the casino permits unlimited free withdrawals.

When using the Martingale system for roulette, your chances of hitting a huge streak of a single colour or series of high or even numbers is quite low. The trouble is, when you do eventually win, you only end up in front by the value of your initial bet. For example, if you end up having to bet €64 on black as the previous six results have been red, your winnings of €128 will only cover the sum of your bets, plus a single euro.

In Crazy Time, you do have a much greater chance of hitting a long series of spins that do not result in a bonus. However, the winnings from each bonus make the Martingale strategy far less stupid as a way of playing this game compared to roulette.

Just be aware, the majority of your sessions are going to finish with you going bust. A handful of them, however, will finish up with you enormously in front – perhaps many thousands of euros. It all balances out in the end – the big wins will always feel great, but it is effectively just your own money being returned to you by the casino. Trust us though, the Martingale system is not something you should include as part of any investment portfolio!


  • Low Roller’s minimal risk strategy

Another strategy that is popular with many roulette players is to cover a huge percentage of the board, reducing the volatility of the game significantly. You can copy this strategy in Crazy Time by covering most of the Crazy Time wheel each time you play. If you have a starting balance of €200, we would recommend you divide this into at least 10 individual wagering portions of €20 each.

Next, we need to refer back to the calculations we made earlier of the percentages of the wheel which are covered by each of the possible outcomes (see the section “How to Play Crazy Time Live Game Show” above) and work out the best way to use our €10.

Almost 40% of the wheel is covered with the number one, which only returns your initial bet to you. Although there are a huge number of these spots on the wheel, playing them isn’t much fun. If we were to discard these and bet on the remaining 60% of the wheel, we would win something almost two-thirds of the time.

The lowest possible risk strategy is to place the minimum bet required, whilst also giving you a shot at the bonus round. For example, You’ll need €10.00 on the number 2 to return your initial €20 stake. Another €4 needs to go on the number 5. Add €2 to the number 10, and you are already up to €16. Four bonus rounds still need to be covered, so one euro on each of these will bring you up to the €20 total we have been targetting.

Using this strategy, you have the best possible chance of hitting a bonus round without losing too much of your bankroll. The trouble is, 1/3 of the time you will lose your stake, and none of your other bets can increase your bankroll. You are relying on hitting the bonus rounds to make a profit.

Fortunately, as we have already discussed, the bonus rounds occur relatively frequently in this game. If you can start with a larger bankroll, but still keep your overall total bet to €20, you stand a better chance of not going bust whilst waiting for those all-important bonus rounds to hit.

I wasn’t able to test this strategy whilst playing the game, but I did “pretend” to be following the strategy for a total of 100 games. The longest gap I saw between bonus rounds was 11 spins – almost double the mathematical average, and probably enough to wipe out most players using the Martingale strategy. I would have hit a total of 21 bonus games, which is above the mathematical average of 16.6%. Sadly, I can’t give you a number as to how I would have done in terms of winnings, but I will say that out of these three strategies, this is the only one that I would consider trying for real money myself.

Crazy Time Live Game Show: The Verdict

Evolution has come up with an incredible upgrade to Dream Catcher here – the addition of the four bonus rounds transforms what was a fairly dull live casino game show into something that is both exciting and addictive. I loved every minute I played this game whilst writing my review – perhaps a little too much? I’ll definitely be trying this game in real money mode at some point in the future. Crazy Time is undoubtedly a winner – give it a try today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the chance of hitting one of the bonuses from a single spin?

  • We worked this out earlier, and the result was that you have a 16.7% chance of hitting one of the features on each bet. This means that one in six rounds should result in a feature. Because of this, you may well see several bonuses playing out back-to-back. You might also experience a long gap between bonus rounds. This is simply the law of large numbers in effect and is completely normal.

Q. How much can I win in Crazy Time? Do I have to place enormous bets to stand a chance of winning serious money? I don’t play games at anything over €1 per spin.

  • You can win up to 25,000x your stake when playing Crazy Time, therefore if you like to play at €1, the maximum you can win is 25,000 euros. As we mentioned previously, the game has a hard-coded limit of €500,000 programmed into it, so those who like to place large bets should limit their wagers to €20 to avoid the possibility of hitting this limit.

Q. I ditched my laptop a while ago and just use a tablet now. How does the game perform on a typical Android tablet with 4GB of ram and 64GB of onboard storage? I don’t know the rest of the specifications.

  • Smartphones and tablets are now by far the most popular devices being used to play online casino games. Every developer has had to re-release their old games in HTML5 format recently when Adobe Flash was discontinued and removed from all major web browsers. Most developers used this opportunity to create new user interfaces which target these alternative devices.

According to the Evolution Gaming website, this game did suffer in terms of both performance and stability before a new update to the game which was released in January 2022. I had no problems playing the game using my Lenovo tablet which has similar specifications to what you described. Please don’t quote me on this, but I believe the game is likely to run perfectly on your device.

Q. How did you play the slot in demo mode? I cannot seem to find a demo available anywhere, which makes sense really – paying a dealer to operate a table that makes no money would be commercial suicide for any business.

  • I actually did not play in demo mode – as you say, these types of Live Casino games cannot be played in a single-player demonstration mode. I watched as many rounds as I could over two or three days, and also deposited £5 so I could make a few minimum bets when I needed to see parts of the game that were hidden from me when I was not playing. Apologies if this was not made clear during the review.

Q. Has anybody hit the jackpot in this game yet, or is it purely theoretical? The maximum win on NetEnt’s Starburst is 500x your stake, and I still haven’t seen anyone win this in a single spin. I know we are here to discuss Crazy Time, but is Starburst a scam?

  • Yes! There are videos on YouTube of people hitting huge wins on Crazy Time already, and it hasn’t been out very long. Don’t worry – this is no Starburst disaster! Like you, I have never seen a jackpot in that game, nor have I found a video of anybody else hitting one. In my opinion, Starburst is one of the worst low variance games on the market.

Q. If I understand your review correctly, the biggest wins are awarded by the Cash Hunt bonus; why was this feature chosen for the biggest wins when the Crazy Time feature is meant to be the marquee feature?

  • That is a question for Evolution Gaming I am afraid. I agree that you would expect the biggest wins to come from the feature that only has one segment on the entire wheel. The fact that the game’s 25,000x multiplier jackpot is contained in the Cash Hunt feature is good for you as the player – you have twice as much chance of hitting this feature as you do the Crazy Time feature.

Also, the crazy time bonus feature does at least have a maximum payout of 20,000x your stake – the second-highest of all the features in the game. The chances are that you will win similar amounts from both bonus rounds on average.

Q. What is the deal with the two spinning reels above the wheel? Sometimes they do nothing, whilst other times they seem to add multipliers to my wins. You would think this would be explained better in the games help file.

  • Yes, these reels should be explained better in the game – there is a help file that tells you a lot more about these reels, however, most people do not download things like this when they are playing slots. These reels are actually super important – there are 21 segments on the wheel (almost 40% of the total area) which only pay you back your original stake.

The reels can increase the value of your small wins exponentially – IF you hit the right symbols at the right time. Quite often the symbols which land at the top will be of no use in your current situation. This is why you sometimes see them doing nothing whilst other times they add a huge multiplier to your win.